PSP Firmware 6.00 Is So, So, So Out

Go plug your PSP into something. If it's the right thing, you'll be able to upgrade your PS3 to firmware v6.00, allowing you to do a few things you couldn't previously do on your PSP.

Like...enjoy having a few more XMB background colours to choose from! And sleep easy knowing that the console's security has been updated. And revel in the fact that "Network Update" has now been renamed to "System Update".

Sounds boring—and don't worry, it is—but then, it also beats seeing an upgrade that includes "Adds Glittery Sparkles To XMB".

PSP Firmware (v6.00) Update [PlayStation]


    Alrighty, the bets are on.

    How long until we get a CFW. I'm betting 2 weeks.

    Any punters?

      You're on. 1 Week.

    There's still no 5.55 CFW that works, so I'm not holding out for 6.0 :\

    I had to abandon CFW to play my UMD copy of Dissidia, not missing it TBH, but I have my Pandora battery for later if I do end up missing it :D

      Actually if you use the GEN-A CFW that's a perfectly working 5.50 CFW. Oh and yes you can use your ISOs so yay no more Dissidia UMD?
      Just a thought.

    "If it’s the right thing, you’ll be able to upgrade your PS3 to firmware v6.00."

    Wow, from V3.00 to v6.00 already?!?!?!

    typooo -_-

    My Bro upgrade my psp to ver 6.00 and now i can't play my download game.
    What should i do? guidance?

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