PSP Minis Will Be Single-Player Only

The new downloadable games launching next month for the PSP won't support DLC or network play, according to Joystiq's report of a Sony presentation from this week's Austin Game Developers Conference.

Slides photographed by the site show that Sony is recommending developers "target single player stand-alone content". They also indicate that the Minis won't support downloadable content or peripherals. The restrictions resemble the early standards for Apps on Apple's store, standards that were recently modified to allow for online-multiplayer, DLC and peripherals.

Sony announced the Minis line at Gamescom in August, framing it as a game-centric program that will build a market of downloadable PSP titles that are under 100MB. Dozens of Minis are set for release by the end of the year.

Joystiq's report includes more on the Minis and as well as Sony's developer-oriented plans for the PSPgo and PlayStation Network.

PSP minis lack network features for fast approval time


    no network or online feature is a miss, it should be changed to OPTIONAL network or online features.

    recommending doesn't necessarily mean they have to! Just perhaps, Sony won't certify it and therefore won't be allowed to be downloaded. But if a game is good and all, Sony will allow it.

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