PSP, PS2 See Slight, Stealthy Price Drop In Australia

With all the talk of the PS3 Slim last week, two more Sony price drops passed us by.

Of course, they're nowhere near as drastic as the PS3 coming down to $499, but—hey—a price drop is still a price drop. And perhaps this explains why Sony chose not to even send out a press release.

As of last week, the PlayStation Portable (the regular one, not the new PSPgo) dropped $20 to $279.95 RRP. And at the same time, the PlayStation 2 dropped $40 to $159.95.

With the PSPgo at $449.95, suddenly the original PSP at $170 less looks even better value, doesn't it?


    Might be a good time to replace my old PS2 soon. It's not reading discs properly anymore.
    Although it is modded to play NTSC games (xenosaga w00t).

    Anyone actually know how much it costs to repair a PS2 compared to buying a new one>?

      I actually spoke to somebody who repairs PS2s about this recently. He said that it is pretty expensive to fix a fat Playstation 2's laser, upwards of around $100. Fixing a slim on the other hand is supposedly very cheap.

      I'd just go for the Slim if I were you. It's a newer machine which means something else is less likely to fail down the line.

    When pspgo comes out, original psp will drop price so much :D. I really cant wait to buy a psp (normal)

      You really think so? I'm really considering getting a PSP (again, I had one, sold it, now I want one again lol).

      The PSP 3000 is more appealing to me then the GO, price wise and feature wise.

        Am i the only one who thinks sony are making a massive mistake by dropping the psp3000 price point?

        Considering it can do more than the pspgo (everything the pspgo does plus UMD's), minus the battery life, sony are really relying on customer ignorance when selling the go.

        I bet within a year of the PSPGO releasing it will drop almost half it's price due to poor sales

    You are right chuloopa the psp go is going to have terrible sales especially at that price point I didnt think anyone was expecting sony to charge that much for a downgrade.

    "As of last week, the PlayStation Portable (the regular one, not the new PSPgo) dropped $20 to $279.95 RRP."

    "suddenly the original PSP at $170"

    Bit of a typo there :)

    Agree with the sentiment though, as you can do the same things with normal PSPs with a decent memory stick than you can with a PSP-Go.

      I know - I got excited! At that price I would upgrade from PSP 1000. Still going after so many years. It has outlasted 2 DS' - cracked screens and hinges. PSP may not get as much love as DS but it is my preferred handheld.

        Between Soul Calibur, Gran Turismo:PSP and Dissidia, there's tonnes of love for the handheld in the second half of this year.

      "suddenly the original PSP at $170 less"

      Helps to leave the quote in-context.

    Whoops. Could've sworn that wasn't there the first time I looked!


    $160 for a PS2... I mean I know we are in the era of HD gaming and all of that stuff but this still seems like a great deal to me considering all the awesome awesome games you can get for it at prices of $15-$40

    I doubt people would be that stupid to buy it. For $50 extra you could get a brand new PS3

    i will want to no how much the very 1ST psp is what proce it any1 no plz tell if u do

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