PSPgo: "16,000 Pieces Of Digital Content" At Launch, Network Cards For Stores

The launch of the PSPgo is just around the corner, and Sony have been out showing off some new pre-paid PSPgo cards, as well as providing info on just how much stuff is available for download on the handheld.

First off, the stuff, Sony telling IGN that "16,000 pieces of digital content" will be available for purchase on October 1, the day of the handheld's launch. It's a big number, but one that's skewed by the 13,300 TV shows available; a more relevant figure is that there'll be 225 games spread across "full PSP titles, PSN exclusives, UMD legacy titles and Minis".

Next, the cards, an olive branch of sorts to stores that may or may not be upset about the prospect of stocking a console with no game downloads.

These aren't pre-paid cards like you can already get for the PSN; instead, they're for specific titles, with God of War, Gran Turismo, Daxter, Patapon 2, Secret Agent Clank and Twisted Metal: Head-on to be offered for sale via these specific cards.

PSPgo Launch Plans Outlined [IGN]


    It'll be interesting to see the list of games, also whether the cards will be useful for all PSPs (I assume they'd have to be)

    Yay, this is exactly what I said Sony could do. ^_^ Perhaps now EB may have a reason to stock the Go systems.

    Yeah hopefully retailers will be getting in these Pre-paid cards to sell and maybe get some decent profit of it, my Boss at our Store is not keen at all in stocking them due to the low profit margin we'll get off them, hopefully these cards might try and fill the UMD-less game void.

    Can u even buy PSN cards in Australia?

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