PSPgo Costs As Much As A PS3 In Denmark

Either Sony's gotta cut its price or the Danish kroner's gotta get a lot weaker against the dollar for the PSPgo's sake. It's listed at 2,000 DKK — or AU$454, one reason retailers there aren't stocking the thing.

Denmark's Ekstra Bladet reports (translation) that Telefonadress ("Fona") will not sell the PSPGo in any of its 64 locations. Danish Supermarket, which runs 80 Fotex supermarkets and 15 Bilka hypermarkets, also is opting out. Finally,, one of the country's largest online electronics retailers, has said forget it.

"We initially chose not to take PSPgo into the mix," said Fona's commercial director, Mikael Drott. We belive it is priced wrong compared to the PSP we sell now. It must come down in price before it will be interesting for us. Right now it costs just the same as a PlayStation 3."

The exchange rate of Danish currency is hardly Sony's responsibility, but yeah, if the price is the same as a console and it encroaches on retailers' margins from the sale of UMD games, who's to blame them?

Danish Shops Boycott New PSP [Ekstra Bladet, thanks reader Funk McSnuff]


    The fact that this unit costs as much as it's stay home counterpart puzzles me to no end. Surely there cant be $450 worth of gear inside the little thing? Does it use an OLED screen instead of LCD or something (which would account for some of the price)?

      I believe the cost is so high because of this thing called Sony is Greedy as all Hell.

      I really hope the psp go bombs on it's Arse...

    lol, great picture choice..

    anyone seen that chris rock movie where he runs for president and his tagline is:

    'That aint' right!'

    I have been wanting to get a PSP for a while, and when i saw the PSPGO I was pretty much sold... until i saw the price! So looks like i will probably get the 3000 now...

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