PSPgo Unboxing Gallery

That's right the PSPgo is in Kotaku Tower sitting in my sweaty hands as we speak. While I can't write up my review or impressions until a bit later in the month, I can give you a really good look at it.


    I've been telling anyone who will listen that the Go makes my iPhone look positively bloated - now I foto evidence!

    The Go cramps my hands even more than what the original 1/2/3000 does, and the analogue stick sucks (again, too small, and not ergonomically placed for my hands). Finally, I don't like how the buttons sit nearly flush with the rest of the Go's facia (obviously, a needed design due to the slide form factor). Hopefully, it's just a case of 'can't please em all'?

      you bought the pspgo? you fool!

    Why would I buy anything that would cost me more than what i got my PS3 for and that has a smaller screen than it's last incarnation.

    Show us the UMD drive. OH WAIT.

    Just looking at the second-last pic makes me feel like I would hate the controls on the PSPGo, if I were to ever get one (which I won't; I'm not that stupid).

    What is sony thinking, honestly...

    Belly up anyone?

    Not a fail... Ipod touch has 8gb memory for $200, and PSPGo comes with 16gb and is expandable. I bought an Ipod touch. It was fun for about 6 months... If your looking to put time into some games the PSPGo is where its at. I'm a 32 yr old dude, who doesn't want to lug around UMDs or DS cartridges. Which is why i bought the Ipod touch. Ipod games are too shallow, the controls are too screwy and take up most of your viewing screen. Motion/ touch controls are overrated... PSPGo is where I'm investing my portable gaming money for the forseeable future... Sorry.

    I'm getting this day 1, it looks awesome.

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