Queen Plus Phoenix Wright Plus Elite Beat Agents

Dubbed "Osu! Phoenix Wright", this home-made PC rhythm game takes its cues from the Elite Beat Agent rhythm games — with some added Phoenix Wright and awesome.

There's Queen, too. Queen makes everything better.

Osu! [Official Site via GoNintendo via GameSetWatch]


    just awesome...
    two of the best games on the DS... combined!!!

    Just to clear things up, I suggest those interested read the original article (GameSetWatch) for something which is at least comprehensible.

    osu! is a rhythm game. This is a clip of a user created level which takes on the story you see. The game’s name “osu!” does not have any capital letters.

    I find it strange kotaku would publish this story about osu! two years after ignoring my attempts in contacting them… and then get things so blatantly vague and incorrect.

    Thankyou peppy, I downloaded the game in hopes of an awesome storyline like this. This game is just named Osu! and the gameplay you see here is just a user created level. You'd be hard pressed to find anything as good as it on there, the gameplay isn't very fun and there are only around 10 people online at once.

    Please don't mislable things and then make me download something for nothing Kotaku.

      "the gameplay isn’t very fun"

      So people just play EBA/Ouendan to watch guys dancing on the screen. Okay chief.

      "there are only around 10 people online at once."

      From this it's evident that you did not try the game, stop spewing more crap unless you can back it up.

      There are 2-300+ people online on osu! at nearly all times. I have no idea where you pulled the number 10 from but you're completely wrong.

    This is quite possibly the most awesome thing I've seen this year. No, this IS the most awesome thing I've seen this year

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