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Batman: Arkham Asylum (360, PS3, PC)

The Dark Knight himself, makes his next gen debut with the much anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum. Can Rocksteady Studios elevate the game to classic status? Or is the Bat's back broken by the allure of milking the franchise for all it's worth?


Combat System: Three words: simple, effective, stylish. Whether you're rushing headfirst into an angry mob, or stealthily sitting atop one of the many stone gargoyles, picking off generic henchmen one by one, there is never a case of being overwhelmed by too many options. Pick your plan of attack, and go to town. Batman has an array of punches, kicks and elbows to the noggins which both serve not only to kick some serious arse, but also to add some razzle dazzle, and it works a treat.

Atmosphere: The harrowing corridors of the famed Arkham Asylum make for a great setting. Violent taunts, traumatic flashbacks and iconic villains are all part of the repertoire which makes up the disturbing aura that fills the air. The scenarios Batman finds himself in constantly echo the dark themes that have infused the franchise.


Scarecrow Stealth Sections: These sections force the player to avoid the villain's gaze through the use of the environment. If seen by the Scarecrow, it results in an instant death, a loading screen ensues, and you're back to the start. Rinse and repeat. It quickly becomes tiresome to play a platformer stealth-esque game, where you are forced to repeat sections over and over again.

Hardly a foot is put wrong in Batman: Arkham Asylum. The ultimate respect is evident within the game, as anything and everything that makes the Dark Knight so enjoyable, is represented with poise. A gaming experience not to be missed.

Reviewed by: Jared Araniego

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    This game is made of pure Win and Awesome. Hasnt got boring and combat is always great. The loading screens are amusing (although repeating the same part and getting taunted by Joker does make my blood boil sometimes).

    Scarecrow sections were my favourite in the game.

    Wait, you *hated* the scarecrow levels? Wow... I think you might be alone on that one.

    I love the Scarecrow sections. Although I have had any trouble working through them. I can definitely see how the repeated death get's annoying, I beat my head against the wall that is the Bane encounter on Hard.

      Oh man tell me about it!!! I ended up running away like a bitch from the 2nd group of goons until I took Bane down... Probably shouldnt play hard for my first play through...

    Yeah a great game for sure. I actually quite enjoyed the Scarecrow parts myself too.

    The game was fluid and had a nice mix of gam play. At first I was concerned there where going to be frustrating parts that you could find the way to next part etc but usually everything fell into place without getting irate.

    That said I agree Garrick, I did feel a bit of the ol rage starting to kick in being taunted at the load screens after a few attempts on a boss :P

    I like to see the sequel jam you in the city chasing down the bad guys.

    I thought the scarecrow levels were a refreshing break from the standard gameplay, I didn't find them that tough though, the biggest struggles I encountered was when I tried to go too far in a single pass.

    I recently completed the game, solving all the riddler's riddles. I was also thinking of writing a review, have I pretty much been beaten to the punch here, or do you accept multiple reviews. Author of this has done a great job, I do think there's more to capture though.

    Scarecrow levels were really good. I don't understand what wasn't to like. The cinematic entrances and awesome visuals.

    They don't take long either and the stealth is really not hard...

    Scarecrow levels weren't so bad once you figured out what you were supposed to be doing. As for having to unlock skills? Yeah...woulda been nice to have from the start,even if just on a replay.

    sweet review jared :)

    A really informative, well written review. Makes me want to check the game out and maybe even buy it without giving it a test run. I was most glad to read they didn't mess with the franchise too much, movie inspired games can really suck ass. Get this guy on your payrole, kotaku!

    I loved the scarecrow sections, great way to break up the game and one you knew not to be seen, I think I only died 5 more times through the rest of the scarecrow levels... some of the best moments imo

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