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This review was submitted by Johnny Lau. If you’ve played Dissidia: Final Fantasy, or just want to ask Johnny more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

The Super Smash Bros. of Final Fantasy. This is an arena based Final Fantasy game which allows players to select characters from the first ten Final Fantasy games, one each from the side of good and evil.


Characters: Every character is unique in their own way, each with their own attacks and special abilities.

Achievements: As with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there are challenges and achievements with some based on chances and you are rewarded with usable goodies in this game.

Equipment: Followers of the FF Series will pick up the familiar equipment system very quickly. The only exception being items aren't exclusive and can be worn by multiple characters.


Multiplayer: What's the point of calling something online when there isn't one?!? It is just done via a LAN system and hiding behind a forum. And it is just local, not worldwide.

Difficulty Curve: You only stand a decent chance of surviving if you level up and you do that by battling other characters and the quickest way to level up is to battle someone of higher level than you are... Good luck surviving unless of course, you start spamming just two different moves.

Story: It is far too predictable with a lack of resolution between characters. The story canon in each of the series has been turned into a cliché in this game.

Girls are evil?: All but one girl (maybe) is on the side of evil... and the good one has amnesia and "was" evil. So girls are the root of all evil?

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is great to a point but more characters (good girls, please) and less online false advertising would have helped.

Reviewed by: Johnny Lau

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    Agree with the hated section - I'm in the process of putting a review together at the moment. Can't say I'm hugely impressed by the game at all; take away the Final Fantasy name and characters, and it really doesn't have a whole heap of quality to stand on.

    My Review:
    Square Enix is hopeless with action game. Unless you are a number 1 Final Fantasy fan, you are better off spending your hard earn money on other games.

    Lol, girls are evil? Of course they are. Haven't you been reading papers?

    Girls = time x money
    Time = money
    money = root of all evil

    Therefore, putting it all together,
    Girls = money x money = sqrt(evil) x sqrt(evil) = EVIL

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