Reader Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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This review was submitted by Nick Durbridge. If you’ve played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, or just want to ask Nick more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (360, PS3)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 puts you in control of a customisable team of superheroes. Heavily drawing upon some of the biggest comic-book storylines of the last few years, you’ll find yourself battling through villains, each other and even legislation to save the day.


Whose Side Are You On? Inspired by the Civil War mini-series, the game handles a split narrative with your progress through the story dictated by a single big choice, with some unlockables and heroes only available to certain sides. Up to two-thirds of the game will be different depending on whether you are Anti-Registration, or Pro-Registration.

Avengers Assemble! Effort has been put into making the character management a quicker experience, with fewer powers per hero and a number of unique abilities. Boosts that can be applied to affect your entire team, and particular hero combinations that provide bonuses for the Marvel-savvy player.


X-Men 3: Like the movie of the same name, MUA2 fails to add anything to the original experience, making it feel like a re-run. It feels like the same game with souped-up graphics, with few improvements on its predecessor. Even the simulation mode, which allows replay of levels and special scenarios, is more of the same.

Avengers Disassemble! With a roll-call of 24 characters, you might expect a broad spread of characters and many combination teams to be formed, be it X-Men, Avengers, or the villainous Thunderbolts. Unfortunately, abilities are recycled, from the big guys like Hulk and Juggernaut causing shock-waves, and ground pounds; to the energy-based characters (Iron Man, Songbird, Human Torch), having a radius attack that feels more than a bit repetitive.

For fans of Diablo, Gauntlet and the occasional graphic novel, MUA2 will be an entertaining smash-em-up affair. For your hardened Marvelites who have conquered MUA, the result is less satisfying.

Reviewed by: Nick Durbridge

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    No mention of the bugs?

    That was the big thing in the Game Trailers review.

      When Good Game reviewed it they didn't mention any bugs either =\

    This game doesn't excite like the first one did. I wanted to call in sick at work and hammer through the first but this one makes me want to go back to batman.

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