Reader Review: Sacred 2

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This review was submitted by Ryan Norris. If you’ve played Sacred 2, or just want to ask Ryan more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (360, PS3, PC)

Sacred 2 is an action RPG following in the tried and true footsteps of its predecessors in the genre.


So much to do! With a massive land mass, over 500 quests, 6 characters, multiple difficulty levels and 2 campaigns, there is more than enough to do in this game. Whether you want to save that damsel in distress, lay some hurt on the dimwitted kobolds or just feed the cute and cuddly bears there is always something to do.

Skill System: Is extremely deep and customisable. Every character has its own unique skill set that can be modified as you level and also a whole host of basic skills to pick and choose from.


The AI: Well, in particular, your followers' AI. For some reason when enemies go after them they just bolt in any direction they feel like! Room full of angry flesh eating undead? That will make a safe hiding spot, they say. It's frustrating because you have no way to control them or give them any sort of orders.

Too much to do: One of the game's greatest strengths is also one of its biggest weaknesses. Its massive size and scope doesn't allow for any real focus on the narrative of the main campaign and its easy to get lost at times. A bit more focus on the main campaign with branching sub-quests from it would have given the game a greater focus.

The game is overall fantastic to play. From the comfort of your couch you get to experience a great action RPG with a massive world to explore. You could literally lose yourself for hundreds of hours with this one. There is always one more little Timmy to take home. (Are you sure? - Ed.)

Reviewed by: Ryan Norris

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