Relive Our Assassin's Creed II Eyes-On With Your Own Eyes

Last month, Ubisoft's finely bearded Patrice Desilets walked us through Assassin's Creed II's newest features—new weapons, improved free-running and "Eagle Vision" and much, much more. Now's your chance to revisit a bygone era with this gameplay walkthrough.

As someone who was there, I can assure you this virtual recreation of our Gamescom hands-off demo is incredibly accurate. The environments, the secret missions, the chase scene and even Ezio himself are presented exactly as we witnessed them many weeks ago. It's really amazing what they can do with technology today.


    All these new features look like they have the potential to be same old same old repetitive boring missions.
    I think it is going to be very similar to number 1.

    heh, that Man he buys the poison from, is wearing that beak like thing to protect himself from the plague. (it didnt work)

    Deja vu of Indiana Jones 3 at the end.

    woo more loops!
    i hope they fixed loopage

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