Rick Astley Vs. The Hydra: Let The Scribblenauts Mayhem Begin

"The real reason people will waste their time on this game is to see sharks devour drowning tax collectors," writes Idoliside at Hellforge. So he set up a number of gratifying encounters to preview who would win.

Butcher vs. Pig? Easy, the pig turned into a yummy ham. Satan vs. a Priest in a Tank? Draw, actually. The priest drove the tank off without firing on the devil, who was likewise unable to kill the up-armoured chaplain.

But I'm not going to tell you the results of Rick Astley vs. the Hydra. That you'll have to find out at the link.

Scribblenaut Battles! [Hellforge]


    Rick Astley?

    I thought Scribblenauts was devoid of copyright material or real people*?

    Hmm, maybe the dev's had a word to him, and got the "nod"?

    *After all, who didn't want to see an all-out battle between Mr T, Verne Troyer, Mrs Mangel & Jennifer Hawkins?

    (Oh OK, just me then. mumbles...)

      Well, Cthulu is in the game in his massive, tentacled glory, so presumably a few things made it through "No copyright/real people" clause.

      That said, the Rick Astley in the game looks not very much like the Rick Rolling ginger we all know and love.

    You have to type in Rickroll to get Rick Astly

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