Rolling Stones Shamble Onto Guitar Hero

While The Beatles are lauded with their own game, one of Britain's other 60's super-groups—The Rolling Stones—are just going to have to make do with a downloadable track pack for Guitar Hero 5.

There are five songs available starting from today, all live versions. Sadly, not one of them is "Street Fighting Man".

"Prodigal Son (Live)" "You Gotta Move (Live)" "I'm Free (Live)" "Under My Thumb (Live)" "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live)"

Because the Rolling Stones pack is a little bigger than other Guitar Hero offerings, at five tracks instead of the regular 3, it's a little pricier, at $US9/720 MSP.

Shame they're being shunted out as DLC here, while Aerosmith somehow got their own game.


    Too bad the rest of the month goes back to their regularly scheduled craptacular songs.

    no gimme shelter? whats the bloody point then!

    also activision stop being a pimp and whoring out your games, ITS DISGUSTING AND GREEDY!

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