Rumoured Star Wars Battlefront IV Concept Art Leaks

Feeling a bit sore about the abandoned Star Wars Battlefront III, previously in development at TimeSplitters and Haze house Free Radical? Here's a little salt for that wound, alleged Star Wars Battlefront IV concept art.

Unseen64 has more than a dozen purported concept paintings from the fourth Star Wars Battlefront game, which seems to have a focus on the planets Utapau from Star Wars Episode III—Revenge of the Sith and Dagobah from The Empire Strikes back. The site credits not-for-profit internet hound superogatory with the find, which curiously doesn't appear on his own blog.

That's Dagobah right there, which the unnamed developer on the rumoured game appears to have fleshed out with authentic looking architecture and vehicles, namely the Dagobah tank.

Whether we'll actually see the promise of Star Wars Battlefront III or Star Wars Battlefront IV is up to LucasArts. But for now, an ogling of this purported concept artwork will give your eyeballs a good enough "What if?"

Star Wars Battlefront IV (4) [X360/PS3 - Concept] [Unseen64]


    I'd wager these a fake in a big bad way.

    The perspective is off in both pics and stylistically it seems the artist hasn't quite nailed things down.

    They look just a little bit too amatuer to be coming out of a development house working on STAR WARS.

      I tend to agree, but for the reason of Dagobah. Why would there be fighting on Dagobah?

      Didn't Yoda flee there because no one would think to look for him there?

      And even if this is after the events of the trilogy, what the hell is on Dagobah that 2 rival factions would battle for control of?

      Anyway, the arts great but I doubt its concept art...

        I'd imagine they'd do Dagobah for the same reason they were (are?) doing Dark-Side Obi-Wan in Battlefront III - its familiar. Star Wars developers always feel the need to stick with places, characters and events from the two trilogies.
        Its a shame too. The Star Wars universe is this huge, awesome place that's thousands of years old. Its so well suited to games (not just games about Jedi either). Yet, instead of drawing from Extended Universe stories or creating their own they'll just throw you on Hoth and tell you to rope some AT-ATs.

      I disagree, it's concept art rather than actual modelling.

      In itself, the artwork is good, in a Ralph McQuarrie way...but yeah, I don't know why they'd have battles on Dagobah /SW geek

      Even though they did in SWBF2....

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