Scene It? Brings Twilight's Sparkle Pony Vampires To The Wii

Konami takes the Scene It? franchise in a decidedly darkly romantic direction with Scene It? Twilight for the Nintendo Wii, based on the ridiculously popular "vampire" movie.

There's just no escaping Twilight. It's in the supermarkets, video stores and book stores. It's in the food we eat and the women we date. To survive as a man in this world, you have to be vaguely familiar with it, and you have to try not to giggle when Edward tries to look intense but instead looks like he is going to vomit. Perhaps Scene It? Twilight is a good idea then? I mean, it is a video game at least, and guys like those. With more than 500 multiple choice questions featuring clips and images from the film, new gameplay modes, and a user interface designed to please fans of the movie, you can actually learn, while playing a video game your girlfriend won't mind taking up the TV between DVD screenings.

"Konami is always looking to engage people in new means of interactive gaming experiences. The TWILIGHT film has an incredibly popular following who crave content and new media well after the movies are no longer in theatres," said Kazumi Kitaue, Chairman and President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "With extensive content from the film, Scene It? Twilight will bring life to the excitement and energy surrounding the popular film in an all-new way."

Scene It? Twilight is due out in the next few months for the Wii, with traditional board game versions hitting store shelves as well. Let's not worry about why such a deep adult film-related game is only coming out on the Wii, and try to focus on the fact that Alice Cullen is extremely easy on the eyes.


    I thought Scene It? was a MS exclusive. It is published by MS right??

      Nope. There's also going to be a Scene It? for the PS3.

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