Scenes From The Edge Of Twilight

The folks at Fuzzyeyes have a keen eye for gorgeous scenery, as displayed in this latest set of screenshots for the upcoming hack and slash platformer Edge of Twilight.

Planescape, Planescape, Planescape. Just had to get that out of my system, as I do every time new assets from Edge of Twilight are released. It's just got this whole alien steampunk thing going on that I absolutely adore, fondly reminding me of the work that artists Tony DiTerlizzi, Robh Ruppel, and Dana Knutson did on the 1994 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons setting. It's a good thin


    They should put a gay vampire lookalike in the games cover so that it sells well.

    Best marketing ever.

    So are they going to be sued by that "Edge Games" guy, too?

    Tim Langdell made this game 20 years ago and called it the same thing. They are infringing on his intelectual property and need to cease and desist as of this instant

    This really needs to stop Fahey. You know you're building yourself up for a fall likening this to Planescape. And the rest of us too. I mean Edge of Twilight looks gorgeous and there's every chance that it'll be a great game too, but let's face it - Torment is a beautiful unicorn the like of which we shall never see again.

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