See Ninja Gaiden Sigma II Boob Bouncing In Action

Tecmo is bringing SIXAXIS boob jiggling to upcoming PS3 title Ninja Gaiden Σ II. Shake your controller, and you can shake character boobs.

The clip below shows just how exactly players and jiggle Rachel's breasts. Ninja Gaiden producer Yosuke Hayashi shows the mechanic in action while at an event in Spain.

Wonder how this will work for Ninja Gaiden ninja Ryu Hayabusa... Hrm, hrm.


    okay, that's really retarded. It doesn't even look natural, let alone be even remotely appropriate...

    it's.... ALIVE!!

    *cackles manically*

    And Tecmo are making the next Metroid game.

    Hahaha, jeez. The Japanese can be brilliant but damn they can be freakishly perverted sometimes. I fear what would happen if these guys decide to take Samus out of her suit.

    Any of you played the new mortal kombat

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