SEGA Brings Sonic Collection To... PC?!?

sonic pc collectionFollowing on the heels of the Total War Anthology, SEGA announces another compilation exclusively for Australia and New Zealand. This time it's Sonic.

The cleverly named Sonic PC Collection - wait for it - collects together some Sonic games for the PC.

It includes "over 15 games", among them:

* Sonic Heroes * Sonic Riders * Sonic Adventure DX * Sonic Mega Collection Plus

The latter itself contains a whole bunch of Sonic games including Sonics 1, 2, 3 and Spinball.

It's out on October 1 for just $19.95.

We wonder what's next for SEGA Australia? What other SEGA franchises would you like to see collected together for re-release?


    Wow I might even go pick this up. Just to relive the great time I have playing sonic. Is there a full list of the games somewhere?

    Damn i already bought the 1st one for pc... couldn't they include sonic gems as well?? I want sonic CD Damnit

    i dont see whats so suprising. all of them had pc counterparts anyway. but i do admit sonic on a pc just isnt right. however im sure those small games arnt taking up enough room to chuck in sonic gems... kinda stingy. i already own all the sonic games on theyre consoles so nots to this.

    Includes 15 games!!! 3 of which you might.. PLAY!!!

    I checked :c you can't preorder it yet

    Is Adventure 2 also included on that list?

      Nope. Adventure 2 was never ported to PC.

    I want to see a Wonder Boy and Golden Axe collection.

      Fuck yeh - now we're talking.

      Although i already have the golden axes.. lol

      Maybe a disc (console or pc) with the best game seris' on one disc?
      Alex The Kid
      Golden Axe
      Double Dragon
      Etc etc etc

    Shinobi Collection please!

    Include every single one out there, even the Arcade variations, Game Gear ones ect.. But I doubt they'd pull off Shinobi and Nightshade that came out on the PS2.

    Do you know if it has sonic adventure 2? That was my favorite of the 3d sonics.

    What? So this is what the Sonic Adventure DX trademark was used for?

    And WOT? A collection in a collection?

    Oh, and don't forget that Kotaku included Sonic in it's 50 most important games of all time :)

      To quote from that article: "It’s telling that Sonic is more remarkable for its unrivalled marketing campaign than its actual gameplay."

      Still, Sonic 1&2 are the best games in this compilation.

    Would love to see a Crazy Taxi collection. 1 & 3 were put to PC sadly 2 was only a DC exclusive.

    yus! SADX!

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