Sega Still Teasing A Yakuza 3 Release For The West

For the past few months, various comments from Sega have people hoping for a Western release of Yakuza 3 bummed. Today, however, things are sounding a little more optimistic.

Popping into the comments section of a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sega of America assistant community manager Aaron Webber has said "Yakuza 3 is not cancelled – and the possibility for localizing it does, in fact, still exist."

"The original news story that went around about Yakuza 3 being declined for the US was false, and localizing the game still remains a big point of discussion for many people here at SEGA, and especially those of us on SEGA's community team."

"I know it's far from an announcement, but I just felt you should know that the chance does still exist."

Nice. For what it's worth, here's what we've heard: that Sega are looking for somebody else to localise the game, take the risk, similar to how Capcom handles the release of GTA in Japan.

Valkyria Chronicles II – Coming to PSP Next Summer [PlayStation, via 1UP]


    Probably better if they don't release the game in the west. People will say they will buy it, but then end up not buying it, the same thing happened with Yakuza 2.

    But despite the hype, Yakuza 3 isn't as good as Yakuza 2, the storyline is a bit weak.

    dont get your hopes up,ive been waiting for a shenmue 3 for the best part of 10 years

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