Seriously. This Should Be Illegal.

Seriously. This Should Be Illegal.

As seen by Kotaku reader Nazraen.


    • Hey I know you from My360 yeah? Dude from Ballarat? hahaha…

      Anywho, this *is* insane… anyone who can read an instruction manual could get that stuff done by themselves inside ten minutes. Anyone who is too retarded could probably get someone they know to do it… hell, if I knew someone tempted to pay for this, I’d do it for nothing just to spite these assholes.

  • That is abusing consumer ignorance, its simply unethical. If it becomes a scandalous practice then it will become illegal.

    Fuck me…. can you give me the phone number to contact these assholes? (if in australia)

    • for $129.99 they will basically plug the thing in for you, it updates itself, a moments work that a consumer should be able to work out in about 5 seconds, insert tab A into slot B stuff.

  • There is a market for this, some people buy complicated setups and haven’t got the slightest idea how current consoles work, let alone how to play the games. But yes, the price is a joke.

  • So they overcharge for a service that many of us can do for free. So why aren’t all of us using linux, I mean it can do everything windows can if you know how to program.

    Simple because not everyone knows how to do these things.

  • I honestly don’t see the problem here… “consumers” is a broad term, and believe it or not: some of them really are that stupid. And I don’t mean stupid enough to pay that kind of money. I mean stupid enough to NEED help setting this sort of things up.
    Not to say it isn’t a high price; but honestly, the kind of people who would pay for that, are the exact kind of people who will be calling the geek squad back out to turn the damn thing back on.

  • Yeah it is somewhat of a high price…I certainly wouldnt pay that much…although I cant get my NAT type to be 2, its always 3…would I be willing to pay THAT much to get it fixed??? Probably not…

  • Well unless they purposely drag out the time they take to do it so it appears there’s value involved, the consumer who forked out the $129 is likely to feel ripped off at the end.

  • Didn’t you guys notice the way they were laying everything out?
    “Setup and cofigure”
    To consumers who are buying the console and have no background information on the console would have no idea that setup and configure ment “Press X to find internetz”

  • While there’s no doubt that there is a market for setting up game consoles (and rightly so), I don’t think anybody could argue that the price isn’t a rort. Even considering petrol for the van, labour and materials (unless they throw in HDMI cables which are ripoffs from the shops in the first place) the price is simply extraordinary. The fact that they market it as a special deal, ‘only’ $130, is bordering on sadism.

  • As everyone else has stated, that is fucking ridiculous. This is just taking advantage of families who don’t know any better. Hopefully this actually loses these guys customers.

  • It seems crazy to us, but that’s price is to be expected to get someone out to your home to do anything.

    It’s common for stores to offer someone to setup your home entertainment system for a price. In reality, this isn’t much different.

    A lot of people wouldn’t know how to setup their network. They wouldn’t know the optimal video and audio settings for their equipment (I bet a lot of people aren’t getting the best picture from their PS3). And whilst creating a PSN account is simple, noobs would appreciate guidance on how to use PSN after the account is setup.

  • By charging this much, it makes it look as though the job is complicated. If they charged what it is really worth, people would KNOW they can do it themselves.

  • Call a plumber to fix a leaky tap and he’s going to charge you about the same to change the washers. I don’t see how this is much different to changing the washers in a tap, either – just because *I* can go and buy a 50c washer from the hardware store and change it myself in about 5 minutes doesn’t mean everybody can, and it doesn’t mean the plumber is unjustified in charging that much.

    • I payed a locksmith about that much to come and let me in my apartment when I got locked out one weekend. I wonder if there are a bunch of hobbyist lock pickers on a lock picking web site having the same argument right now…

  • We live in an open market economy and they obviously feel there is a market for it and that people will pay the price.

    If you don’t want to do it yourself (no matter how simple it is to do) and are happy to pay the price for that service then so be it.

    They are selling a service for which I see nothing misleading, no blantent lies, no hidden costs, no laws broken.

    If they lie to your face to get you to pay $130 that’s a different story but if you go in and slap your $130 down on the counter without doing your homework…. what’s that old adage, BUYER BEWARE!

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