Settlers 7 Announced

Amazing what happens when you lose track of a series. I last played Settlers... 1. Settlers 7, due on PC next year from Blue Byte, looks nothing like it. Makes you wish you could actually play like that, no?



    I loved Settlers 3, Settlers 4 was a bit worse IMO, but never knew there was a 5 or 6.

    The 'table top' reminds me of RUSE.

    Still think Settlers 2 was the best so far. There is something soothing about watching little minions roam about doing stuff. Looking forward to this.

      Settlers 2 was the best imo, played 1,2,3,4 never bothered with 5, didn't know there was a 6th... something about not actually controlling your units in 2 was fantastic compared to age of empires etc... hope it's more like 2 and less like 4...

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