Shoko Nakagawa Is Doing Another Game Ad

Shoko Nakagawa Is Doing Another Game Ad

This time its Wii title Super Robot Wars NEO. But sadly, it doesn’t seem as thought she’ll be dressed up as a mecha warrior. She will be wearing pearls and dressed as a newscaster.

That counts for something, right? Right?

“Up until now out of all the things I’ve worn, wearing this news caster outfit was the most original,” Nakagawa said. “It’s simple, but on the other hand, I thought it was totally moe.”

Shoko Nakagawa is one of the most popular idols in Japan. Nakagawa counts manga, video games and cosplay as her hobbies. Other hobbies include putting her cat’s head in her mouth and not playing her Xbox 360 very much and then giving away her games.

Nakgawa also sings the Pokémon anime theme and voices one of the characters. She’s a nerd hero!

バンダイナムコ、Wii「スーパーロボット大戦NEO」、新CM「ニュースキャスター」篇を10月17日より放映。中川翔子さんがニュースキャスター役を熱演! [GAME Watch]

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