Shut Your Mouth — I'm Just Talkin' 'Bout Subject Zero

Her origin doesn't mention any childbearing, but regardless, Subject Zero is a bad mutha. Her own word choice is a bit more coarse. The tatted-up Zero is a pro Biotic, supplying firepower and sexual tension in Mass Effect 2.

[via GameSpot]


    wow i had no idea they got pink in this game

    Oh God.

    I slept with both girls in Mass Effect but I wouldn't touch this one with a barge pole. I don't like her tats, her hair, her voice, or her attitude. YUCK!

      To me, it reeks of trying too hard.
      Both from the character herself, and from Bioware trying to be edgy and cool (or whatever the hell they were thinking when they came up with this character)...


        This kind of reminded me of that rap song Natalie Portman sang for SNL. Just fabricated from the ground up to be 'bad ass'. It was funny for the rap song cause it was meant to be.. this though.. this is just weird and lame.

        Male game developers shouldn't try writing strong female characters. They clearly don't know what they're doing :/

        Mmmm agreed, although it could also be the result of the moronic misplaced trailer editing that weve seen for Dragon Age.

    I fuckin' love it! That's the most kitsch game character, ever. --

    I like it, too. It does add that 'bad ass' feel but it's not too lame. I think it pokes a smoldering pole into ME1's sexual tension but how can people tell how it'll fit into the story from a promotional trailer @ 1"40? She looks pretty gritty and less girly and fragile like the ladies from ME1 and will fit in nicely with the revamped combat system. Can't wait for this game :)

    Hmm, I don't really understand the hate for this character - the game still looks great to me.

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