Sign Up For The Old Republic Beta

Star Wars: The Old Republic, most eagerly anticipated Star Wars MMO since the last one, is now gearing up for closed beta testing, and the time to sign up is now.

Signing up for the Star Wars: The Old Republic community is your first step towards become a closed beta tester for the next big Star Wars MMO. BioWare wants active community members as testers, as active community members are more likely to provide feedback than dirty, stinking lurkers who lurk and stink. Once you've become a member of the community, you can visit the Game Testing Portal to sign up for your chance to be a part of Star Wars history or something.

Mind you there are no guarantees, but such is life.

Sign up to test STAR WARS: The Old Republic! [Official Website]


    Website down! 30/09/09 @ 9:19am AEST

    lol wonderful site death on the new "wow-killer" if beta gets hit up this much, the game might make it, fan base is only thing keeping the top mmo's on top.

    Also it's back up now, lag still a major factor in each page change but its not as bad, if your sign up locks out just hit back and just try again, unless you make a mistake then it updates when you hit back, good luck all.

    This has been pissing me off all day. First it took me HOURS to get to the final page.. only for it to tell me it wouldn't do a system scan since I use Chrome... then when I finally get back there using Firefox and hit submit it just took me back to the sign-up page as if nothing happened. I tried to log in using me account details I had put in but it just keeps taking me to the sign-up page.


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