Silent Hill 2 Movie Official

Writer Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida are returning to Silent Hill for Silent Hill 2. The two worked together on the 2006 prequel, which grossed nearly $US100 million worldwide.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that filming will begin next year after Hadida and his studio Davis Films finishes Resident Evil: Afterlife with Milla Jovovich.

Earlier this Spring, actor Radha Mitchell — who starred in the first film—stated that the first film's director Christophe Gans most likely wasn't attached to the sequel. "A shame because he's a nutter but he's so passionate about the game," says Mitchell. "I think he should do it if they do it again."

Samuel Hadida has produced the Resident Evil films as well as True Romance. Avary, who won an Oscar with Quentin Tarantino for the Pulp Fiction screenplay, is also working on the film version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Hadida's production company.

In January 2008, Avary was involved in a car accident which saw his wife hospitalised and his friend, 34-year-old Andreas Zini, killed. The director entered his plea in a Ventura, California court in late August. He will be sentenced on September 29 and is currently free on bail. And next year, Silent Hill 2 will begin filming.

Duo make a return to 'Silent Hill' [Hollywood Reporter]


    please... no... not another one...

      That's a little unfair. Silent hill is one of the best movies based on a game. I mean, yes they added Pyramid head as fanservice but it wasn't by any means wrong or bad.


      I liked the first one.

        As did I! I'll need to get around to watching it again...

    second video game movie in history that wanst a write off first being mortal kombat (it was funny) and silent hill was not a bad flick was never gonna win an oscar but thats like expecting steven segal to win the oscar for best actor

    One of the few watchable game-related movies.

    Yay! bravo for the first one.
    waiting for the sequel! hopefully more creepier and more game-angle view.

    I though t the original was awesome. Even if Harry Mason did have a sex change.

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