Silent Hill: Homecoming Not Coming Home To Japan

Silent Hill: Homecoming Not Coming Home To Japan

Konami’s Silent Hill Homecoming will not be released in Japan. On the title’s official home page, the Japanese company has announced that the domestic release of the game has been suspended.

No reason was given for this decision. “Please look forward to future titles in the series,” the announcement notes.

Released in North America in September 2008, Silent Hill Homecoming was developed by Double Helix Games and Foundation 9 Entertrainment for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. It is the first console title to be handled by a Western developer.

The last time the Japanese Homecoming site was updated was in November 2008.

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  • Play it for yourself.

    I thought it was a great game reagrdless of what anyone says. The story made sense, Pyramid Head was justified and they even bought back the UFO ending.

    It is also at bargain pricing now so why are you complaining? Pick it up, try it and make your own opinon.

    Silent Hill fanboys hating on this are just as bad as PS3/Xbox Fanboys hating on eachother.

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