Six Years Too Late, Star Wars Galaxies Gets Interesting

It's safe to say that Star Wars Galaxies has been a disappointment. It's boring. If only they'd introduced zombie hordes of stormtroopers a little sooner!

For a tie-in with Joe Schreiber's upcoming book of the same name, Star Wars Galaxies will in October drop an update called Death Troopers, which sounds like an excuse to drop you and your friends in a room and have them kill a bunch of "horrific new enemies with a frightening affliction".

So, yeah, zombies.

Still won't make Galaxies fun, but it'll at least make it good for a laugh.


    I tried the game it was wayyyy to boring and big so i also doubt this will make it less of a FALIURE!

    I knew that eventually more and more games will start using the zombie concepts. They seem to grab a big audience.

    Zombie Wookiees... almost worth reinstalling Galaxies for. Okay, maybe not.

    WOW. Just wow. I played when if first hit shelves I was addicted for a while, but after a year it just got boring. They sent an invitation to come back two years ago. I tried it out but it was a ghost town, buy my houses and crap were all still there because I had millions of credits in the bank to pay the rent.

    I think once they made the Jedi or Sith profession a quest everyone could with a set path instead of just leaving the mystery and speculation behind it it would have been better IMO.

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