So, This New 360 Controller Is Pretty Awful

This is a new colour scheme for the Xbox 360 controller, due out next month, which appears to be a GameStop/EB Games exclusive. Gee, what a scoop.

It looks like it should be wearing heavy boots and mulling around a mall complaining about things. Or transforming into Spawn in front of a backdrop of flames, for an ill-advised Spawn/Go-Bots crossover. Or even skulking around the waters of the North Atlantic in the Second World War.

One thing it doesn't look like? Something that, as part of a play-and-charge bundle, is worth $US70 (which is the pack's asking price).

Xbox 360 Controller Mixes Black, Red and Black (and Red) [Gizmodo AU]


    "I can't decide between red and black, which one do you like?"

    >"I don't know - do both!"

    Was that design made with MSPaint?
    Paint bucket ftw.

    It looks like its supposed to be a Radioactive symbol

      Oh yeah Chris, I see where you are coming from, now i look at it again it does look like its meant to be a Radioactive symbol....

      .... but it still doesnt look any better!

      Lets just hope its a very very limited edition that wont be around to long. Some poor kid is going to wind up with this for Christmas... poor soul!

      If its radioactive, it should surely be either green (apparently radiation makes thigs green) or yellow and black like the warning signs.

      Red & black just looks awful

    My guess is carbon fibre/red to be bundled with Forza 3???? Similar to the Audi they have used in other images?

    WTEFF. What is this promoting? Nothing...

    At least other colours like the plain Red was for Gears or Resident Evil. Even though you didn't really notice.

    But this is just, like the above comment states...

    "Quick which colour? Red or Black? Ah stuff it do both!"

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