So When Is Take-Two Announcing The Next GTA?

During yesterday's Take-Two Interactive third quarter 2009 fiscal report conference call, chairman Strauss Zelnick laid out the company's non-strategy for announcing the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Responding to a question about the announcement strategy for the next GTA from Arvind Bhatia of brokerage firm Stern Agee, Zelnick made Take-Two's stance on the subject perfectly clear.

"We're not going to announce it. We're not going to announce when we're going to announce it. And we're not going to announce the strategy about announcing it or about when we're going to announce it either, or about the announcement strategy surrounding the announcement of the strategy. Any other questions?"

What do you suppose that means?


    Wasn't there a big write up about this guy and his dodgy behavior a little while ago.

    I reckon he'll time the announcement for when he needs the share price to rise again, claiming a release date, then rinse and repeat for a few quarters.

    HAHA great response. Probably gets sick & tired of hearing same question in press conferences.

    I was going to say about the whole GTA thing... well they will start work (if they haven't already) after they release the next DLC and then probably do another for the PS3. But it came to me...

    The 360 version of GTA IV sold more than the PS3 version. The Lost & Damned DLC on 360 sold heaps! It broke a record and thats probably going to happen again with Gay Tony. Fallout 3's DLC has been nothing but success on the 360 and someday, maybe, it will get released on PS3. But my point is, all this DLC has done well on one console, the Xbox.

    I don't see L&D and Gay Tony coming onto the PS3. It was a Xbox exclusive. Unless the contract was a timed exclusive and can't be on the PS3 until a certain time after 360. If it does, probably a retail version. But Rockstar can always do one more DLC and release it on both. I don't see them leaving out the 360 for more DLC cause theres too much too lose really. It's as if the 360 is the PS2 on this generation.

    Sony isn't Rockstars bestfriend anymore. They don't have one. But yeah.. i guess my overall point is. Will Rockstar/Take Two bother releasing another DLC after Gay Tony so that PS3 fans can have a slice of pie? Is it worth the trouble/money especially if the 360 isn't involved?

      I'd say its possible, simply for the fact that they could use it to test how DLC works on a different console. I'm not sure the exact terms for the DLC MS paid for, but it was definitely 2 exclusive (not timed) for the 360. they did pay $2 million for it so i doubt they would want it available to it's rival.

      Sony and Rockstar were never "best friends". All GTA games eventually came to the Xbox as well, it's not like they chose to develop purely for Sony only. And plus, they have a PS3 excluive title in the works. They develop for everybody.

        I think the agreement was higher than 2mil.
        It may have been closer to 20mil - I can't remember.

        If R* & M$ agreed to 2 pieces of DLC then M$ don't have a say in the 3rd if R* want to release it on PS3. Unless of course they sign another deal.

        Money is money.

          Yeah it was 50 Million but also they kinda were best friends with Sony as all Xbox versions came a while after the PS2 version came out i think Sony paid for that as well

    Try $50 Million. This has shown up on the Take Two Balance sheets as an inward payment from Microsoft.

      Yep, my understanding is that Microsoft paid this as an advance on sales. It wasn't just cash to secure exclusivity, it was a cheque to fund the development up front.

    My brain exploded trying to read it

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