Sony Confirms Wii Price Drop?

Nintendo hasn't confirmed a Wii $US199.99 price drop yet, but seems like Sony has, as an anonymous tipster sends us an alleged price comparison chart from a Best Buy event going on in Missouri.

Kansas City, Missouri, to be exact, where a Sony representative was instructing store representatives on the relative values of the three consoles, making note of the Xbox 360's optional wireless adaptor and pay-to-play online and the Wii's limited-capabilities and $US199 price tag. Did you know that the PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray drive and the other two consoles don't? You did? Oh. Well maybe the Best Buy people didn't.

The clock is ticking, and the proof is definitely building up. Will Nintendo announce a price cut before the week is out, or will it be a surprise? Will it happen at all?

We've requested comment from both Sony and Nintendo regarding both the presentation and the price cut, but we've yet to receive a response.


    I mean, i agree that Sony does these charts to point out the price difference. A lot of people seem to think its just buying the console and thats all.

    There are accessories you need or want. Online gaming for Xbox too. But i can't help buy point out to failures with this chart they always show.

    1) Blu-Ray. Not EVERYONE knows of BluRay and not EVERYONE wants it. I have a PS3 but i don't own ANY bluray movies. Heck i dont even know what the real difference is between a bluray movie and a normal standard DVD movie. I have a Full HD LCD so i could benefit from BluRay unlike a standard TV - but i don't see the point when i can find cheaper movies that are standard DVD. Thats my opinion though - and plus i'm not all OMG HD HD HD when it comes to watching a movie which isnt bad quality anyway.

    2) Wi-Fi.
    WiFi is great yes. But not everyone, once again uses it. Not everyone has a router. And not everyones router is in a room on the other side of the house. I use 360 mainly for online. The only online for PS3 is Killzone and probably Uncharted 2 coming up. I use WiFi for PS3 since its rarely used for online gaming. For my 360 i use a Ethernet Cord even though it runs through my house cause i always use it for games like Halo and COD4 & COD5 cause i want the BEST connection i can get which means i know sometimes the WiFi wont eff up cause im using the cord.

    You aren't always guaranteed the perfect connection but that also goes with Ethernet but you are more guaranteed with Ethernet than WiFi. I think this is one of the reasons it isnt built in with the 360 and also price as well on MS' part.

    The chart lies, the wii might not have a large hard drive, but it technically does.

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