Sony Drops PSP-3000 Price Tag

Today at Sony's Japanese, the company announced a price drop for its PSP-3000 — the PlayStation Portable will now cost ¥16,800 (AU$212) in The Land of the Rising Sun, starting October 1.

Keep in mind, in the US, the PSP-3000 is $US169, while the PSPgo is $US249.

In Japan, the PSP-3000 is currently priced at ¥19,800 (AU$250). With the price drop, the monetary difference between the PSP-3000 and PSPgo is around a hundred bucks. Think about it.


    It better not drop here.
    I just bought one like a month ago and am always cheesed off if something gets cheaper too close to when I bought it >=[

      do you know what? This actually makes me think that perhaps Sony have announced the price of the PSPgo at a higher price to not impact on the sales of the original PSP... and then just when the PSPgo is all go, suddenly the price will drop to the same with a line such as
      "with improved manufacturing technique's we are able to bring the GO in at a much competitive price point than first believed"

      It would kind of make sense... wether true or not, we will see...

    They've done it to score sales all over.

    With the announcement of the PSPgo that everyone was waiting for and then the price a lot of people holding off will just be like, oh i'll just get the PSP-3000 instead.

    Some will go to the PSPgo. Some will upgrade. Some won't do anything.

    But with this price drop, they can be sure the 3000 won't die out. Cause them when the GO launches, that will get sales but also the 3000. They aren't dumb! The GO isn't here to replace the PSP and Sony know it. They've done it to gain sales all over just not for the GO.

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