Sony Looking Into PS3 Firmware "Concerns"

PlayStation 3 firmware 3.0 brought with it many changes, some of them good and some of them being the Friends List update. Rarely can people universally agree on something, but it appears that everyone hates those Friends List changes.

Fortunately, sounds like Sony's listening to those complaints. Amidst the usual kvetching about cosmetic and functional changes—and the lack of additions that people have been demanding forever!!—comes word that, yes, Sony is taking negative feedback about firmware 3.0 seriously.

Mark Bowles, European brand manager for the PlayStation 3, offers the following update to concerned owners.

"OK, we hold our hands up about the lack of replies on this post but we have shared with you everything we can at the moment," Bowles writes. "As I said before the updates to firmware don't always suit everyones tastes, but on the flip side there are those that really like the changes – except maybe the friends list ;-) (which we are looking into based on your comments by the way)."

You might think that the winking emoticon means that Bowles and company aren't taking it seriously. But they are. And that's worth emoticonning about.

Firmware 3.00 Q&A [ EU - thanks, Ryan!]


    I still can't believe you people are winging about the firmware update!




    We use our consoles to play games, not to stare at how pretty our interface is between switching from game to movie to game and back again. I couldn't give a rats ass what it looks like, as long it played games and movies.

      yeah but you have to remember that the ps3 isnt only marketed as a games console, users that use it for a home theatre component will care

    +1 for Kav

    Realistically, the firmware updates have been a point where the internerds have jumped up and down screaming and feel justified because they're doing it in a pack. GTF over it. I have read people -passionately- complaining about the new glitter background. Are they serious?

    The complaints that Sony need to look at are the ones that actually need fixing. i.e. the fact that Uncharted no longer works!

    jingle plz

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