Sony No Longer The One And Only, Gets New Corporate Tagline

Every big corporation needs a snappy tagline. Something to close out a commercial with, and put on the front cover of investor relations reports. Sony's had a few over the years, but this week unveiled a new one.

You can see it up there. It's make.believe. Intended not to invoke feelings of fantasy and forts made of cardboard boxes, but stuff about "standing for the power of our creativity, our ability to turn ideas into reality and the belief that anything we can imagine, we can make real".

The branding applies to all Sony products, including the PS3, PSP and PSN, so expect to see it somewhere on a PlayStation commercial (or at least an... instruction manual) in the near future.


    That's way too easy to make fun of.

      ha, i only got that when i read your comment, now im laughing my A** off

    That is terrible.

    I prefer...
    "Sony. Because caucasians are just too damn tall."

    But maybe I'm just a crazy person.

      No, no. I'd invite you round to look after my small children, for sure.

    and sony probably spent hundreds and thousands of dollars just coming up with the idea. money well spent :P

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