Sony: No UMD Conversion Program For PSPGo...Yet

Playstation Portable owners will not be able to transfer the disc-based UMD games they own to a PSPgo when the sleek new digital-only system launches next week, Sony officials told Kotaku today.

"We were evaluating a UMD conversion program, but due to legal and technical reasons we will not be offering the program at this time," a Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesman told Kotaku.

The $US250 PSPgo has no UMD drive, instead relying fully on an Internet connection to purchase, download and install games onto the system's hard drive or removable memory.

At this year's E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Sony Computer Entertainment officials said that they hoped to have a plan in place to allow UMD games to be transferred over to the PSPgo by the launch of the system.

"We are looking into programs for owners who have previously purchased UMD titles and want to exchange them for digital versions," Sony Computer Entertainment's Brian Keltner told Kotaku at the time. "It's something we are still hammering out the details. As soon as we have solid plans in place we will make an announcement."

One of the rumoured plans involved Sony installing kiosks in retail stores which would allow gamers to turn their UMD games into digital ones. Recently a Dutch and Australian retailer said they would not be carrying the PSPgo.

While the ability to transfer already owned copies of UMD games to the PSPgo could likely have a large impact on whether current Playstation Portable owners would buy the system, it's unlikely it would impact gamers new to Sony's portable offerings.

During the Tokyo Game Show Sony unveiled new peripherals for the PSPgo, dropped the price of the Playstation Portable in Japan and announced the launch of a program that would free games to people in Europe who upgrade from the PSP to the PSPgo.


    Don't suppose they've mentioned anything about back catalogue availability have they? No conversion is annoying but it'd be worse to not be able to get access to the games because sony haven't been bothered to make ISOs (or equivelent) of the older games because "Who plays Warhammer 40000 Squad Command anyway? That game is SO 2007!"

    this thing is gonna be an FAIL of EPIC proportions! being a sony fanboy i really feel for sony as they are making a HUGE mistake with this thing. the world just isnt ready for this tech just yet. if they had of waited just a few years and market it as the psp2 it may have had a chance. but, in the current climate it is gonna die a terrible death. probably worse than and faster than the poor old dreamcast. they are just both ahead of their times by a few years.

      The PSPgo will do just fine. Thats the reason they give people the option to either buy PSP-3000 or PSPgo. Now if they killed off the PSP-3000 then yeah they might as well hang it up, but people that have the PS3's and PC's will pretty much upgrade to the GO, since most of them don't want to put up with UMD anymore. It's up to the user and their needs.

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