Sony: PS3 Sales Up 300%

If you feel you can stomach more sales "percentages" in lieu of sales "figures", then Sony's boast today of a 300% increase in PS3 sales is something you could maybe look into.

"Our top retailers have reported a 300% lift in PS3 hardware sales and an increase of 140% in total hardware revenue across the PlayStation portfolio when comparing the first week of September to the week before the $US299 price adjustment", says a press release sent out by Sony earlier today, so breathless with excitement they couldn't squeeze a single comma in there.

What that means is that the PS3 Slim is selling, and selling well. How well it remains to be seen, as we won't get good, real numbers until this time next month, but even going by the PS3's poor performance in July, a 300% increase means big, big sales for the Slim.


    So it seems people are realising that the PS3 is actually an amazing machine and worth the money!

    Always nice to hear!! :)

    What, not 999%???

      Because 999% was the number of units sold in a particular region and not sales as a money figure.

        999% was a total guess, based on anticipated units. i.e. imaginary figures.

        "999%" was used because it's more attention grabbing than "1000%" which is more easily seen as a typo or hyperbole.

        By saying "999%", it implies there's a level of accuracy to the statistic, and therefore it's worthy of being repeated.

        Either way, it's BS.

    Sales vs the week before don't mean that much anyway, since everybody knew it was coming so many held off buying.

    What is a lot more interesting is sales vs the same week the previous year, or sales vs that competition.

    On those comparisons, Sony still did really well, and it's a bit more meaningful.

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