Sony Starts Push For 3D TVs, 3D PlayStation 3 Games

The PlayStation company is putting its electronics might behind 3D television technology, with the company expected to start selling fancy three-dimensional displays next year—with 3D PlayStation 3 games being readied to capitalise on the technology.

According to the Financial Times, Sony boss man Sir Howard Stringer will be announcing the company's plans to invest in 3D LCD TVs at the IFA show in Berlin. And he'll also be announcing Sony laptop computers, PlayStation 3 games and Blu-ray players that will be compatible with the technology.

With the PS3 already capable of playing 4D games, according to former PlayStation exec Ken Kutaragi, one has to wonder "Why the step back?"

Sony plans to put 3D televisions in homes by the end of next year [FT]


    So is it like I-max where you put on the 3D goggles?

      Seems like it. Got to wonder if that's a smart move. Are people willing to have half a dozen pairs of glasses sitting around just in case friends drop by?
      More than that are people willing to replace their new LCD/Plasma TVs this soon, just to have a special effect that's been classed as cheesy since about half a century ago?

      Unless they're offering some sort of hologram I can't imagine anyone being particularly interested. Even then it would have to be able to display a flat panel in full HD or else it would make most of our consoles/players/etc useless.

        Who says you have to have a friend around to play the 3D games?

        Anyway... when was the last 3D movie released? I couldn't tell you. I know some movies are shown in 3D but theres only like 10 moments in the entire film that are made FOR 3D. This Avatar movie is the only movie that i can name made entirely in and for 3D.

        Either way, 3D isn't that appealing to me. I just purchased a new TV so there is no way i'm going to buy a new one any time soon. Which means in the next 5 years!

      Digital 3D like the new FINAL DESTANATION MOVIE

    What about all the people who wear glasses? I find TV and PC screens make my eyes hurt with contacts, so u got bucklies chance of forcing me to wear contacts + some 3d glasses.

    "Can I be the first to complain about how much better 2D games were?"

    "With the PS3 already capable of playing 4D games, according to former PlayStation exec Ken Kutaragi, one has to wonder “Why the step back?”"

    A little off topic, but sometimes these guys make me laugh my arse off with their humour. That's what makes this blog if you ask me.

    This isn't the typical blue and red cello glasses we are talking about here, its the new 3d, the future 3d, I for one welcome our new 3d overlords, plus 3d plus 4d thats like 7d, so who can complain.

    ^^^^^^ Ken Brockman LOL!!!! ;D

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