Square Enix Considering Final Fantasy XIII DLC

The worse kind of DLC is stuff that should be in the game, but isn't. The best DLC adds to the game experience.

Square Enix is currently churning over the idea of including DLC for upcoming role-playing-game Final Fantasy XIII. Says FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase, "Our plans for [Xbox Live and PlayStation Network]are currently unclear."

"We are exploring the option of downloadable content, perhaps adding new areas, items or enemies," the producer added, "but these would not be expansions to the story, only the gameplay. The entire story of FFXIII will be on the disc." As it should be!

Final Fantasy XIII GamesCom Interview [RPG Site via 1Up]


    God I really hope they don't put DLC in this game.
    As the first FF that I can think of that would have DLC (spin offs, etc not included) it just doesn't feel right for the brand.
    It just really doesn't sit well for this game to even possibly have DLC.
    Maybe that's just me.

    They are probably announcing this to stop PS3 gamers from importing the game early. DLC is always region locked.

    Maybe they will like add an extra hard dungeon. So everyone goes through and then they have DLC hard dungeon for some people who like to test their mettle.

      Hmm, that could work, but that's about the limit of what I'd tolerate and actually pay for.
      Good idea though :p

    As time and again proves, Squenix likes to throw out region only crap (KH:Final Mix, FFX Int'l, etc). I hope if they have DLC it would be along this line. I know I was pissed off when I couldn't fight Dark Aeons until I moved to Australia >:(

    Translate, we can get more money buy holding off some side quest for DLC

      EXACTLY what I'm scared of happening

    Squeenix need the money, there games arn't getting any better.

    If they need money, they'll put in a DLC for Japanese Audio. Instant $$ there.

      And that download would rape our monthly quotas.

      Not gonna be popular here.

    i'm in Australia (slow...but unlimited lol)and have no download limit, bring on the Japanese voice acting!

    Of corse they will. Except you may not get it until a year or so later. Especially if they haven't started making any of it. Everyone knows what they're like with their FF games.

    MS are stupid for not trying to get FFXIII released in Japan. If they can get their dirty money hands on some exclusive content, all of Japan will own a 360 by the end of 2010.

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