Square Enix FFXIII Event Liveblog Incoming

Tonight in Tokyo, Square Enix is holding a Final Fantasy XIII event, and we'll be there liveblogging our brains out. But "we", we mean "me".

The event will start at 7pm Japan Time (which is 8pm AEST) and is expected to run for two hours. Be sure to check back for our liveblog and any breaking FFXIII news.

Any guesses on what will be announced?


    Different names for lightning and snow.


      No, finally we have a name that sounds the same in Japanese and English. No more of the whole Tide-us/Teed-as crap that plagued around a while back :p

        Didn't you hear square made this game to appeal to westerners.

        Keep a look out for Lara Croft girl, Cool buff wigga beanie guy, black 'hip' guy with fro.

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