Star Ocean 4 Sails Onto PS3

The tri-Ace developed, Square Enix published Star Ocean: The Last Hope was released on the Xbox 360 earlier this year. The title is not an Xbox 360, it's coming to the PlayStation 3.

Dubbed Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, the game will be hitting the PS3 February 4, 2010 and priced at ¥8,190 ($104). The game features reworked menu screens and a tweaked battle system with auto-targeting. SO4: International also features English and Japanese voice acting. It really is international!


    Did anyone not see this coming?

      I had wanted to believe it wouldn't happen, as I bought a 360 for this game.

        so you fell for M$'s marketing BS, never mind mate, you're not the only one.
        now sell that PoS before it RROD's and get a slim ;)

    who wasnt the best tri ace rpg.infact i thought it was rather lame

    lol sucks for you but it was way more obvious than FF13 going to xbox

    I somewhat expected this to happen

    Thank you Sony for doing ONE thing right... Region Free!

    Question is if this is the same as FFX International and has english menu support... either way... for the chance to have the jp tracks Import for meeee!

    Well seeing as it has english audio i take that as a high probability of having an english menu.

    Have fun with this terrible game PS3 owners.

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