Star Trek Online Hides Clothes In Star Trek Blu-ray

Star Trek Online Hides Clothes In Star Trek Blu-ray

Star Trek fans who buy the Blu-ray version of The Original Series’ third season will find themselves in the Admiralty when Star Trek Online launches next year.

The Blu-ray releases of the original Star Trek come packed with extras, as well they should, because when you make something very old very clear it generally makes it look even older than it is. Along with rare pilot episodes and various other bells and whistles, Star Trek: The Original Series season three on Blu-ray comes packed with a special code that will unlock an Admiral costume for your character to wear in Cryptic’s Star Trek Online.

“For a limited time, sets will include an exclusive free offering in Atari’s Star TrekĀ® on-line game. Each set will include an insert that includes a unique code that will allow game players to outfit their avatar in an exclusive Admiral’s outfit available only with this offer.”

That’s certainly one motivational extra for fans of the series and serious MMO fanatics. I just hope they keep things authentic, so when players don the Admiral outfit they suddenly find themselves trapped behind a desk, desperately trying to give orders to starship captains who have no respect for authority – for example, all of them.

The third season of Star Trek: The Original Series on Blu-ray ships in December.

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