Street Date Smash: Dead Space Sees Early Extraction

dead space wii street date smashDead Space Extraction, last year's acclaimed survival horror reworked into a "guided" shooter experience for Wii, isn't meant to be out until next week.

But try telling EB that. Australian Nintendo site Vooks picked up a copy at a Western Australian EB store yesterday. And it looks like other EB stores are also going on sale ten days before the street date.

Dead Space Extraction escapes confinement in Australia early [Vooks]


    EB Toowong (QLD) has it for $99.95.

    So what sets this apart from HOTD: Overkill to warrant an extra $20? The Dead Space name? Or that it's EA?

    There's a video posted in a newer kotaku article. It looks much better than Overkill and appears to have much more of a story.

    But yeah, I might wait till JB hifi sells it for 80.

    there is no street date for extraction....

      roger wilco, facts facts facts.

    Looks like it's trying to revive the rail shooter (Aka for the Wii) genre. And it's doing a fantastic job so far.

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