Street Date Smash: It's Batman Again

Just a quick note to let you know at least one retailer has started selling Batman: Arkham Asylum early. That being JB Hi-Fi's Galleries Victoria store in Sydney.

We'd heard last week that Gametraders had broken the street date much earlier, but it turns out they were selling import copies. Same game, though.

Let us know in the comments if you've seen Batman on sale anywhere else!

[Thanks Crono!]


    LOL everyone is selling its broke this morning

    They're also selling some brand spanking new PS3 slims as well.

    I got mine from JB HiFi in Hobart, too. They TXT'd me at around 1:30 to say it was ready for pickup. Very cool service.

    Yeah a friend told me that EB were selling it around lunch time then i got a phone call from JB Geelong saying that they can sell it to me today as someone broke street date so now home bout to throw it in the console.

    I pre-ordered my CE from Games Warehouse. Looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer. QQ

    Yeah it's been out since morning here in Perth

      Which stores in Perth are definitely selling? Any selling non-preorder copies?

    I picked up my copy from EB in Maddington (PERTH) this afternoon. I'm assuming, then, that all WA EB stores will be selling it today.

    Yep all the major retailers in Tuggeranong Canberra are selling now.

    What was the price of the standard game at JB?

    Dungeon Crawl on Elizabeth st in melbourne... but they always sell import copies early. No big deal. Release date's tomorrow!

    i got my copy today round 11am, everyone broken the street date

    Yep, every retailer is selling it now, and since 11am this morning.

    However, not all retailers have it on the shelf - some you need to ask for it.

    Bah, I'd have to wait for tomorrow to pick it up anyway; I won't have a PS3 'til then. >_<

    I got my collectors edition today aswell. It's a bit different from the opening video I saw last week. There's no leather journal, just a book. The batarang is still pretty awesome on my desk

    Pfff, my local Gametraders have been selling the game for the PS3 for over a week now, got to love that non-region protection.

    Yep, All EB games stores in Adelaide have it up for grabs..

    yet they wont give me my PS3 slim the %$^$ seriosly im sick of this stupid bricked one thats sitting here stupid 2.8 firmware update

      got mine today from JB Hifi Bourke St Melb at lunch time. They are open until 9 if anyone wants to pop down.

    I can't see why they can't break street date as soon as they have it. My reason is other places in the world have already had a release so it is no issue on secrecy etc. A global release date I can understand but not when you are playing catch up. If you have it sell it.

      Street dates are there for a reason. The publisher sets up their marketing buildup months in advance to coincide with a particular date they've chosen. If a store sells early, it can completely throw off their marketing strategy, and in some cases can cause the amount of overall copies sold to be lower. As such, some publishers will punish stores that break street dates by ways of a large fine or not shipping more stock of that title to them for months after release. It's why certain stores require proof of another store breaking street date (generally via a receipt of the purchased game) before they can themselves sell the game - they need to cover their ass. Also, if one store gets their copies a few days earlier than another store and decides to sell early, the other store can potentially lose a lot of sales, especially since most games make more money in the first week of sale than later on in their sale life.

      While I enjoy getting games early (and I'm certainly not complaining about having Arkham Asylum in front of me right now), broken street dates can be quite damaging to a publisher's success with a particular game. Street dates exist for a reason.

    I got my copy in perth yesterday :D

    I got my copy today as well from Kmart Burnie.
    I noticed they were also selling FF Dissidia (PSP) which EB are saying isnt supposed to come out until friday.

    I got mine from kmart with ps3 slim, price match it with dick smith

    where is it selling for the cheapest i wanna pick this up tomoro

    The cheapest you could get it is probably at JB.
    They have a trade in deal for it. Buy 3 cheap games at JB that are second hand and trade it in for Batman.

    You could probably get it for around $68 or so this way.

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