Street Fighter IV Getting "New Warrior"

Capcom US said information on a possible Street Fighter IV update was coming "mebbe Monday". Looks like they were off by a day.

A teaser website has appeared on Capcom's Japanese portal, with the site's URL seemingly promising a "new warrior" while the site itself gives the date 2009.09.29 17:00 JST, presumably for said warrior's reveal. That's Tuesday, September 29, at 5pm Japan time, meaning those in the US or Europe will need to wait until they wake up on Tuesday morning to see what's going on.


    Here's a pic doing the rounds at some gaming forums around the place. Glad to see this guy back in the series.

    And zoomed in....

    T-Hawk? Damn, I guess its the closest I am going to get to playing Alex.

    The question is... how much will he cost? :(

    Here are some awesome new pics of 2 new characters.

    New link other one is messed up...

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