Sunday Comics

Penny Arcade

published Sept. 2


published Aug. 31


published Sept. 3

Digital Unrest

published Sept. 1


published Aug. 31

Little Gamers

published Sept. 1


published Sept. 1

GU Comics

published Sept. 3


published Sept. 4

Dueling Analogs

published Sept. 3

8-Bit Theater

published Sept. 3

VG Cats

published week of Aug. 31.

Nerf NOW

published Sept. 3(?)

Rooster Teeth

published Sept. 5

Looking for Group

published week of Aug. 31

GG Guys

published week of Aug. 31


    Oh look, another CAD comic devoid of the funny.

      Amuses me how some people are so biased towards CAD and they feel the need to make comments like this to prove their ignorance.

      I, as most of you, don't really like the new direction the comic has taken, but still CAD had given me years of joy before that. Now that there are a few extra random non-stoyline comics (as everyone is crying for), the comic still attracts stupid flak like this.

      Personally i think that comic was a decent one as it did something other than batman for one, and it's more true to his older style.

      Besides, there were at least 6 comics on this page that were just outright lame and not funny at all, and continue to be so each week they are on here, so why is everyone just criticizing CAD?

      Seriously guys, get the hell over it.

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