Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed, Is Standalone Title

Capcom today have announced Super Street Fighter IV, a new, standalone title which is Street Fighter IV with eight new characters added and some tweaks made based on community feedback.

Of the eight characters, three have been announced: classic characters T. Hawk and Dee Jay (Dee Jay's reveal coming in the latest issue of Famitsu, below), and newcomer Juri. The rest could be anyone; new characters, old favourites, a mix of the two. We have no idea.

In terms of improvements to the game itself, producer Yoshinori Ono says that every character has been changed slightly based on comments from both players and the dev team, while an improved online experience is also promised.

Which begs the question: why an all-new title, and not just a range of DLC? Ono says the changes are so extensive that they couldn't just be tacked on, so a disc release was necessary. Those crying "RIP OFF" should know that the game "won't be sold at full price", and that those owning both the original and Super will are in store for an as-yet-unspecified treat.

Super Street Fighter IV Impressions - First Look [GameSpot]



    RIP OFF! :D

    So it will only be $79.95 rather than $99.95

    Although, to be fair to Capcom, they've always done this to their SF games.

    How many SF2's were on the SNES? Exactly...

      Yeah, but SF4 has only just come out.

        Only just out where exaclty? It's been in Jap arcades since July last year. It'll take a while to move from jap arcades again, but probably less time that for SF4 :)

      To be fair to consumers, Capcom got away with it in the past because there was no other way for them to update the game. Now, there's very little reason for a standalone edition when DLC is so commonplace.

    Muahahaha this means I don't have to spend an extra $99.95 like everyone else did =P

    I wonder what they mean by 'not sold at full price'. With most of the technical work out of the way and the success of Street Fighter IV, they shouldn't have to charge much for this at all.
    Hopefully they're experimenting with the 'sell ten times as many at a quarter of the profit' model.

    I doubt that's the case, but its Capcom, they're one of the few organizations to actually earn my trust and after Mega Man 9 I owe them at least one free shot at my wallet. =P

    I hope the super secret surprise is magical fluorescent pants.

      I hope the super secret surprise is that the game becomes worth playing.

      Although I probably would settle for magical fluorescent pants, now that I think about it...

    Just give us back Dudley, and all will be forgiven.

    free street fighter 3....

    or awsome superior to gay lame 3d; HAND DRAWN MODE!!!

    " extensive that they couldn’t just be tacked on..."

    Yeah right! I take this to mean, "we can't get the dollars we want if it's DLC"

    Consoles and games alike have had some pretty big updates over the years, take Burnout Paradise for example... or the DLC for GTA:IV

    Maybe I'll just wait for Super Street Fighter IV Turbo Remix to come out...

    ugh, this kind of thing works in the arcades and MAY have worked last generation but seriously, current console owners are NOT going to be willing to get a standalone upgrade...

      Speak for yourself. If there are 8 new characters, new levels, music etcetera and new online modes I have no problem shelling out a bit more cash Capcom's way. They're one of the few companies out there earning my cash right now. Everyone thinks they are entitled to everything for free these days. Of course kids might not have the pocket money to shell out but they can rent it out from the video shop like I did with my SNES.

        This is a stupid and uniformed statement. The fallout 3 DLC totals to about 1/2 of the content of the original game, if not more. There is more guitar hero/rock band DLC than there are actual songs on disk.

        There is NO excuse for not offering this as DLC. Capcom are just being greedy.

        They should offer it stand alone for full price (like what they are doing with the new GOTY edition fallout 3) and offer the extra content as a DLC pack.

    I bet this is going to be 'Not sold at full price' kinda like how ODST was '"Not" a full price game.........................'

      Goddamn right. There's been reports of people finishing ODST in FOUR HOURS. That, is SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING.

      No full price god damned game should be finishable in four bloody hours. Well, Dead Rising technically was able to possibly but there was so much to do you had to keep coming back and redoing it over and over and over and over and over just to get everything done. ODST doesnt have that much extra really...

    Christ kids, if you dont like it DONT BUY IT... if it seems like too much money to pay for a (substantial) update then simply leave it on the shelf. Vote with your wallets!
    And lets face it, people paid full price for ODST - a short story mode, a new multiplayer mode and some new maps for an aging game...

      People are complaining because if they dont buy it, and there is no online compatability (which may or may not happen) between the games, then people playing Sf4 will be stuck with less people to play with (which in AUS isnt many at the moment).

    So will we get a country filter for online? that would be nice.

    Wait for Super Street Fighter IV Turbo. :D

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