Super Street Fighter IV Is NOT Coming To Arcades

Next Spring, Capcom is bringing Super Street Fighter IV to game shops. It, however, won't be bringing the game to arcades.

"So, unfortunately, I'm sorry to say to arcade fans out there: there won't be an arcade version of this," Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono told website GamesReactor. I think a lot of people were kind of requesting an arcade update. I know that, in some parts of the world, it doesn't really matter if there's an arcade version or not," he told GamesReactor.

"But certainly in Japan and the rest of Asia and some parts of the Oceania, there's still a lot of people playing in arcades. So, I'm sorry to disappoint them but this time its going to be Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 only affair."

That's a shame. A damn shame.

Ono Interview [GamesReactor via">Examiner via Gamer Center]


    but... the arcades is the only place where this stupid 're-release-with-a-few-more-characters-and-some-tweaks' tactic actually works well. I for one am not willing to pay for another full or near full price game for content that, in this day and age, could be found in a dlc.

    With the amount of memory this game is going to need having this as a DLC would take up way too much space and buying a new harddrive because of it would end up costing more..

      I dont see it taking up to much HDD space. Gamers are regularly downloading huge demos/expansion packs/game updates.

      What are you basing that assumption on? Nobody has come out and laid down the specifics of how much space such an update would require. All they've said is that it would take up too much space, without specifying why it would and what content would do so.

      Realistically, it's likely that 8 new characters (so basically character models, collision data, animation data, voice files, and character vs. character text) plus some slight tweaking of other characters and online play, could maybe fit in at under 1GB, although probably more likely under 1.5GB. There are demos on Xbox Live that are larger than this.

      However, I'm sure they've added new art for menus, new music, maybe new anime cutscenes for story mode, etc. With all those additions, you're starting to push the boundaries of what is feasible for DLC. But all these additions are just superficial fluff that wouldn't be needed to justify a retail version if Super SFIV was just a DLC update to SFIV.

      And, of course, generally a retail disk will make Capcom more money than a cheaper DLC option would (few people would pay $70-100 in MSpoints for what is essentially an updated version of an already released game, whereas history shows people are much more open to purchasing updated versions of said game from brick-and-mortar stores). Although, on the other hand, at least Super SFIV won't require new players to have the original as well to play it, so that opens the market a bit for them.

    Whoa wait... 360 and PS3 only? What the hell?! Where is my PC love! Guess thats a no buy for me now :(

    Fail! Was hoping they would do a simultaneous pc release this time round.

    The game is apparently on disc as an expansion pack.

    It IS terrible news that the game is not coming to arcades though because it may have a negative effect on the standard Street Fighter IV machines that are in arcades now. I know that I have been visiting the arcades like never before now that SFIV is out, but if they don't receive upgrades, it's set to become stale compared to what we can get at home.

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