Super Tokyo Game Show Cosplay Brawl: Day One

Tokyo Game Show's "Cosplay Alley" is bustling with girls and boys in carefully crafted homemade outfits — and the portly photographers who long to capture them on film, for whatever reason.

On day one of the Tokyo Game Show's public days, the cosplayers came out in full force, repping multiple Final Fantasys, The King of Fighters, Metal Gear Solid and various Nintendo games. Even a few non-traditional cosplay franchises, like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Skies of Arcadia and Bayonetta are well represented.

Anyway, enjoy our gallery of the best of Tokyo Game Show cosplay, as represented by public day one attendees. And see if you can tell which character was the most difficult to photograph...


    Awesome FF7 group photo. Possibly the most awesome. Ever.

    However, upon mousing over i noticed it's called FFX. Someone lacks epic-game knowledge, whoever be ze namer of said photo (it's #15 in the list).

    I love the The Wanderer cosplay from Shadow of the Colossus
    Definitely owned the Animania and Supernova cosplay in general =\

    Is there any reason that the Mai Shiranui cosplayer is hidden behind a throng of males? XD

    Decent cosplayers, but last year TGS had better cosplayers IMO. Saying that, I don't think there's a 'bad' japanese cosplayer yet...

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