Swastika Gets Wolfenstein Pulled From German Shelves

Swastika Gets Wolfenstein Pulled From German Shelves

Nazi imagery is a big nein-nein in Germany, and the localised version of Wolfenstein was supposed to have removed all of it. A small swastika slipped through, and Activision is said to be recalling the game from shelves there.

The news, sourced back to 4players.de (translation) attributes a statement to Activision saying that “although it is not a conspicuous element in the normal game … we have decided to take this game immediately from the German market”.

Whether that means the content isn’t in the game but is on a disc for modders to exploit, or if it’s a swastika as part of a background somewhere, who knows. Planet Wolfenstein notes that the Wolfenstein teams from Endrant and Raven already have been laid off, putting a revised localisation into doubt.

We’ve emailed Activision for comment. Should any be provided, it’ll be updated here.

Update: Via twitter, Kotaku reader Spunior pointed me back to one of the sites also linking to 4player.de. Schnitterbericht has a ton of screenshots showing differences in the US and German versions of Wolfenstein. The final one (scroll alllllll the way down) shows a faint swastika at the bottom of a poster. If that really triggered a voluntary recall, Mein Gott in himmel!

Sell Stop in Germany
[4players.de, via Blue’s News]


    • No, the laws date back to immediately after WWII, when the Allies were conducting ‘denazification’ of Germany. Nazi imagery was banned in order to prevent SS etc rallying. The laws have been kept there because what politician is going to go to an election promising to bring back the swastika?

      Bearing that in mind, yes, it is a little patronising to current Germans. But they also don’t try to deny their history, if you go there you’d see that they are very upfront about it.

  • I just love how much energy gets spent (worldwide) on the moral panic surrounding anything that draws attention to Nazis and/or Hitler.

    I swear it would almost take another world war to make some people realize what a problem that actually warrants concern looks like.

  • Most Germans I know are totally honest about their history. As it was ultimately the German people who supported Hitler’s rise, there’s still a lot of collective guilt over WWII. Compare this with Japan where they whitewash all their history books because they believe it wasn’t really ‘their fault’ due to it being an Imperial caste system at the time.

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