Tales Of Vesperia Just Can't Beat Those Pokemons In Japan

It was a big, big week for new software releases in Japan, with six new titles landing in the top 10. But nothing could dethrone last week's software co-champs, Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold.

But the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia certainly came close, selling more than 200,000 copies in its first week on Japanese store shelves. The PS3 game beat out the RPG competition, including new releases Ys Seven and SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu — Goddess of Destiny.

There's no lack of new additions to this week's Media Create sales charts, with a few you might be familiar with, including the new Korg DS-10, The House of the Dead: Overkill and another [email protected] game. Oh, I know you know that last one.

Here are the top 30 games in Japan for the week of September 14 to 20, courtesy of Media Create.

01. Pokemon Soul Silver (DS) - 225,000 / 948,000 02. Pokemon Heart Gold (DS) - 220,000 / 941,000 03. Tales of Vesperia (PS3) - 216,000 / NEW 04. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Portable 4 (PSP) - 104,000 / NEW 05. SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny (DS) - 91,000 / NEW 06. Tomodachi Collection (DS) - 73,000 / 1,124,000 07. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 (PSP) - 51,000 / NEW 08. Ys Seven (PSP) - 33,000 / NEW 09. Dragon Quest IX (DS) - 33,000 / 3,914,000 10. The [email protected]: Dearly Stars (DS) - 31,000 / NEW

11. Wii Sports Resort (Wii) 12. Forever Blue 2: Beautiful Ocean (Wii) 13. Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena 2 - Spirits Burst (PSP) 14. Tears to Tiara Gaiden: Avalon no Nazo (PS3) 15. Mobile Suit Gundam Senki Record U.C. 0081 (PS3) 16. 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de (PSP) 17. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (the Best) (PSP) 18. Love Plus (DS) 19. Monster Hunter 3 Tri (Wii) 20. Bae Yong-joon to Manabu Kankokugo DS (DS) 21. Sloane to MacHale no Nazo no Story 2 (DS) 22. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (the Best) (PS3) 23. Korg DS-10 Plus (DS) 24. Ookami to Koushinryou: Omiowataru Kaze (DS) 25. Kintaihi Shounen no Jiken: Kyakusen Eris-Gou no Sangeki (DS) 26. Nihon Keizai Shinbunsha Kanshu Shiranai Mama dewa Son wo Suru: Mono ya Okane no Shikumi DS (DS) 27. Penguin no Mondai X: Tenkuu no 7 Senshi (DS) 28. Taikou Risshiden V (PSP) 29. Puyo Puyo 7 (DS) 30. The House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii)


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